According to a report published today by YouGov, a UK-based market research company, Swedes have the most progressive attitudes towards gender equality.
In a study of more than 26,000 individuals in 24 nations, the response of Swedish citizens to 10 issues was by an average of 10 percentage points more progressive than worldwide answers. Sweden, together with No. 2 Finland, was well above average in acknowledging that in the globe as a whole, “females are an oppressed group.”
But nations with the most progressive attitudes towards gender equality tend to be those that do their wives already well.
According to the World Bank, seven of the top eight places are claimed by European nations, led by Nordic countries with relatively elevated levels of female labor force involvement and percentage of female parliamentary seats.

In last month’s Democratic Party presidential debate, Bernie Sanders ‘ call for the United States to be more like Denmark may have something to do with it, at least in terms of gender equality. Six places and 13 points were scored by the United States in the study behind No. 3 Denmark, missing the mark for top third nations.
The U.S. landed just above China and a group of Asia-Pacific countries with some of the biggest gaps in men’s and women’s progressive opinions. The least progressive were the Middle East and African countries, with Algeria finally arriving.
When questioned if “creating more chance for females should be one of the top issues in the world,” the biggest argument between males and females emerged. Three-fourths of participants from females agreed, 15 percentage points more than the 60 percent of males who replied yes. Overall, Indonesia was the biggest disparity between men’s and women’s opinions for which information were accessible.

Women were approximately one and a half times more probable than males to “causes difficulties if a female earns more cash than her husband.”

Despite her picture as an icon for females, less than half of the females surveyed who said they knew about her considered Beyonce as a favorable role model.


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