Adsense arbitrage is a recent field which is currently very popular with Algerian Internet Marketers as well and all over the world. This domain aims to earn money by promoting advertising for an article on Facebook and generate revenue on Google Adsense by Google advertising displayed on the article in question.

Why Arbitration ?

What defines arbitrage is the fact that the marketer aims to make money by investing in advertising. The return on investment generated by this ad shows him whether the active ad campaign is generating him a good income or not. If the income is good, other steps need to be taken in order to increase it, otherwise he stops the sponsorship and proceeds to test other types of articles aimed at having more earnings.

How does it work ?

You must have a wordpress (or other) website in the form of a Blog. This website should preferably contain at least 10 articles. The blog should be very clear visually and contain the strict minimum in terms of buttons and call-to-action so that the visitor can stay on the same link and focus on the most important.

The website will contain Adsense advertising spots that the user will click on and therefore save you money while viewing the article.

The goal is to create articles that talk about Trends topics on the web, you can search the internet and see what is shared most on social media. You must create an article and put for example next previous buttons on an article that talks about (7 habits of … for example), each habit must be on a page of the same article (wordpress pagination system), at the bottom of the buttons next previous, there will be two Adsense ad spaces with buttons that will be similar in style, if the reader clicks on the ad button to go to the second page etc, this will generate income.

This article should be sponsored on Facebook by creating a post related to the article. You can invest up to $ 15 on sponsorship so you can verify that you are getting a good return on your investment from Google Adsense.

If the Cost per click of your Facebook campaign is very low (which makes your campaign a success), and your income from Adsense is relatively high, then your article works wonderfully, knowing that it will surely benefit from consistent sharing and feedback from the community. If not, you have to redo things either by choosing another niche, changing the centers of interest of your facebook campaign etc., trying another article in order to be able to arrive at a convincing result.

Adsense Arbitrage, of course, requires an investment that could be valued at approximately $ 100 minimum, with $ 15 for each campaign over three days ($ 5 / day). When your income reaches $ 70 on Google Adsense, you will be able to withdraw your money with a bank transfer to the mentioned account.

You can also buy traffic from native ads like: TABOOLAREVCONTENTMGID,… There is a minority of E-marketers that do arbitrage only with native ads; they buy traffic (visitors) from a native ads company and they sell it to another native ads company.

You can find more information and details about this SECRET BUSINESS MODEL in the link below. 


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