All you need to use the software (Bulk SMS software):

  1. A SIM card
  2. A modem
  3. Contact database and
  4. A laptop or desktop computer.

Price: $500

Call: 01816511443 for Order

How many SMS can I send per day with this software?

With this software you can send a maximum of 5 thousand SMS per day

If I do not have internet connection, how can I send SMS using this software?

No internet connection is required to send messages. Only if you have a laptop or desktop computer.

Is it possible to send any SMS in Native Language?

Yes, you can send Native Language SMS. It supports Unicode.

How do I write down my saved numbers to whom I want to send SMS?

You will write your saved numbers in an Excel file as well as an SMS body. The software sends auto messages from the computer through Excel or CSB file.

Can I send SMS abroad with this software?

No, SMS can only be sent to local mobile operators.

Will masking SMS go with this software?

Masking SMS will not go. Non-masking SMS means show number, not name or brand, but if you save your SMS number in truecaller, it will show name or brand to 80% of people.

How long will you serve?

Free service 6 months.

Will you come to the office and install the software?

We will install the software through AnyDesk software and show the details.

Can I install this software on more than one computer?

No, you cannot install this software on more than one computer, the license is for one computer only. After installing on one computer, if you want to install on other computers, you have to pay 5 thousand rupees for each computer. Newly installed computers will get all the services like the first computer.

SMS can be given in how many words?

Each SMS will be a maximum of 160 characters.

Can I send SMS to area based number?

If you have area based number then you can send area or zone wise sms.

Is there an API / Gateway?

No, there is no API / Gateway. This software cannot be used as an API on your website only for offline mass marketing.

Will you provide the database?

No, we will not provide the database. If you want to send sms using our database, you will pay 20 paisa per sms (Non Masking).

Call: 01816511443 for Order