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How to Start A Blog

Starting a blog is not so tough when you are thinking about just a Blog.

But If you want to earn money! from it, then you have to focus on a few things which are mandatory before you launch your first word-press blog. It starts from choosing the right Niche, domain name, and ended up with a proper responsive UI/UX design with all Unique contents focused on keywords.

Altogether, it’s not too hard but not a piece of cake. In this article, I will show you the whole process step by step.

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Step #1: How to start a blog journey should start finding the right niche

Before we start talking about it, let’s start from what is a niche? Niche is a topic which you will follow when you will write articles in your blog often or you can even organize the whole blog focused on a single topic. why niche-based or topic-based blog? because its easy to monetize it and managing is also easy. as a bonus, you will be able to earn from affiliate too. another thing you have to keep in mind when you are selecting your niche is who will be your reader? this is very important because basically you will earn from your readers.

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How to choose the right Niche, to Start a Blog

To be a successful blogger, you must have enough knowledge about your niche or you have to gather it or work on attaining the highest form of knowledge about your niche. That means you should choose a niche where you are personally interested or you feel interesting. because to be a successful blogger this is the best way to find out your money-making niche for ultimate success.

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Step #2: Selecting the right blogging platform

Selecting the right blogging platform is very important. there are many free and paid platforms where you can start your blogging.

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Free platforms

Wix, Joomla, Yola, Hubpages, Contentful, Jekyll, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Medium, Subrion, Weebly,,, Silverstripe, in this platforms you can start your blog 100% free of cost. also can choose a custom domain as well but at the end of your domain name they will add their platform name as well. so basically you will not gonna get full freedom unless you pay them monthly or annually.

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Self-hosted platforms

Self-hosted platforms allow you to use your own domain name and you will be the owner of your content but you are able to use their platform to start. such as In this case you have to use your own hosting as well. which is payable monthly or yearly. WordPress is also my choice when it comes to blogging but yes you have to pay for its premium service. in the beginning you have to purchase your domain name and a WordPress premium theme. then you are ready to start. in this process, it will cost you less than 50$ plus hosting charge which can be more or less 10$. you can use my promo code and affiliate link to purchase your hosting from Namecheap.


Step #3: Choose a domain name

Choosing a domain name is one of the most difficult and important parts when you are starting with your first blog. still I can remember I was super confused when started and was asking many people about their suggestions. but basically the right way is, you have to study on your interest first then try to find a good name if possible then in one word if not then in two words. this is the best way to choose a good domain name.

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Step #4: Open a web hosting account

In How to start a blog, this is another crucial part when you are launching your first blog. you have to choose a basic package to minimize the cost. also, you need SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate which can cost you 50$ above. so I started with Namecheap. the cheapest hosting provider who even provides a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. If you will use my affiliate link down below then I will get a small commission from it. hope that will not gonna hurt you.

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Step #5: Starting a blog on WordPress

Before you start with WordPress blogging, you need a domain name as I explained above. as soon as you purchase a domain, you are ready to start a blog. to get better optimization or full freedom its better to purchase a Premium theme but you can start with WordPress basic theme and later you can upgrade it. I would recommend premium from the beginning because if your basement is not strong enough your building structure will never be the best. like, if your blog structure is not good enough then you can not expect better results. whatever you choose premium or basic, I have to say, WordPress is the best for blogging.

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Step #6: Find the right theme (blog design)

If you will surf online and search for a free premium theme, you will get any places where you can get many free premium themes. don’t think you got a premium theme. confused? actually, the paid theme is always different than a premium free theme. so when you will purchase it will come with a plain code layer. where you can be able to edit your PHP and HTML code. even if you don’t know how to code. I mean it’s pretty easy to edit or remove or add something there. although many people start with basic WordPress theme others with a free premium theme. I am giving you a few links for the theme, which I used when I started my first blog.

For Premium free theme Click here

For WordPress Basic Theme Click here

For Premium theme Click here

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Step #7: Write content and promote your blog

As soon as your blog is ready. you need to start writing content for it. you can even hire few content writers if you have enough budget for t otherwise do it by yourself. remember a few things when you will post your articles or content in your blog.

a. Always maintain a fixed time when you post daily.

b. Your content must be unique

b. never try to use any bot to spin or paraphrase anyone else’s content. Google easily can detect it and bad your site.

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Step #8: How to make money blogging

There are many ways you can earn from your blog once you have enough content and people are visiting your blog from social media and search engines. let me give you some clue.

a. If your blog is niche-based, then you can open an affiliate acc with amazon and promote their product in your content. if people buy through your affiliate link then you will earn a commission.

b. You can open an Adsense acc and bring native ads in your blog, this way you will be able to earn from google native ads. Google has multiple programs such as Adsense, AdEx

c. You can also bring 3rd party advertisers such as header bidder or taboola outbrain or PropellerAds to earn from their ad widget.

d. Directly you can promote your own product, in this case your profit margin will be very high.

e. You can contact any Amazone or eBay seller directly and fix a commission for driving traffic to his/her shop.

f. you can start selling e-books. nowadays the e-books are very popular.

Basically this is the basic concept when someone is asking me how to start blogging.

10 Countries, Crazy Easy To Immigrate From Bangladesh


  • Do you think you’re going to leave your home nation and live somewhere on the beach? You may want adventures in the mountains, or just a friendlier community.
  • But when you wake up from these daydreams, you’ll probably remember how expensive and labor-intensive it is to immigrate, not to mention that giving up your birth’s citizenship is kind of a large deal.
  • All this is true, but there are several nations that are fully accessible to you coming, living, and working for an expanded period of time without necessarily becoming a complete citizen. You can now live your dream life and decide to make it permanent later.

  • Do you think you’re going to leave your home nation and live somewhere on the beach? You may want adventures in the mountains, or just a friendlier community.
  • But when you wake up from these daydreams, you’ll probably remember how expensive and labor-intensive it is to immigrate, not to mention that giving up your birth’s citizenship is kind of a large deal.
  • All this is true, but there are several nations that are fully accessible to you coming, living, and working for an expanded period of time without necessarily becoming a complete citizen. You can now live your dream life and decide to make it permanent later.


Mexico’s lifestyle is more relaxed than other nations in the first world, but it has all the facilities you’re used to, including high-speed internet, present films, and TV shows, and easy food and necessity shopping. Don’t miss the delicious local cuisine and the beach!

You can apply for a permanent resident visa in Mexico instantly, which does not have an expiry date and gives you the capacity to work. To qualify, you need to demonstrate an individual’s monthly net revenue of around $1,826–it’s more understandably for the entire family. Also accessible are several temporary residence visas that are good for four years and require a monthly revenue of $1,096.


Panama is a welcoming nation that wishes to feel like part of the family for its visitors. In the form of clean, smooth beaches, wealthy farmland, dense rainforests, and green mountains, it has all the nature you could ever want. It also has cozy little cities in addition to Panama City’s contemporary and interesting capital. The U.S. dollar is the formal currency of Panama.

For individuals who want to remain in Panama for the long term, there are several versatile choices. You can come and work without any issue if you’re from one of 50 “Friendly Nations.” To obtain a Pensionado Visa, if you want to retire in Panama, you merely need to demonstrate a monthly pension of at least $1,000. This path also provides a lot of discounts for stuff such as restaurant and healthcare meals.

Costa Rica

Due to its easy-going lifestyle and beautiful ocean-side landscapes, Costa Rica has been popular with expats for over 30 years. In fact, water enthusiasts of all types will flourish in Costa Rica as it boasts the world’s second-largest amount of waterways and water bodies. As you can imagine, this includes a broad variety of native fauna, including over 300 colibris species!

Costa Rica is a great location for retirees, providing a visa program that welcomes elderly people with a minimum income of $1,000/month. You’ll need a job to settle there for the work set. Fortunately, there are many work opportunities in Costa Rica, particularly around tourism and English teaching.


In Belize, where you can both dive a barrier reef and discover ancient Mayan ruins in one day, there is not much to worry about. On the other hand, why not just kick back in a hammock on the beach side? Belize is really your oyster with a very small price of living.

You only need to stay a year in Belize before you become eligible for permanent residence. All you need to do is enter the nation on a visitor’s visa and renew it each month until you reach Belize for 50 consecutive weeks.


Roatán is not a nation on its own, but it may be just what the doctor ordered for those seeking distant island living. Located 35 miles off Honduras ‘ coast, Roatán boasts beaches of sugar-sand, peaceful bays, and a beautiful mountainous interior ideal for hiking. Also the infrastructure is strong, so you don’t have to sacrifice the comforts of the creature you’re used to.

If you just want to remain at a moment for 3-4 months, a visitor’s visa will be enough. You will need to demonstrate revenue of $1,500 per month to retire anywhere in Honduras. If you’re not retired, the income requirement is as high as $2,500/month, but you can still get a permanent residency visa that doesn’t require you to renounce your citizenship elsewhere, even if you eventually choose to become a citizen.


If you’re not after convenience but an extreme adventure, Svalbard might be the location. Svalbard, a Norwegian territory, is an archipelago between the continent and the northern poles. As such, homelessness becomes so brutally cold that it is both fatal and illegal.

It’s also known that polar bears roam around, so you’ll need to bring a protective weapon. The sun is not setting there for four straight months in the summer, but all the time it’s dark in the winter.There are very few rules for Svalbard admission. No one from any nation requires a visa, but the governor reserves the right to deny entry to individuals who are unwilling to hack the terms. You need to have a place to reside, and employers generally provide staff with housing. So you’re in if you can snag a work.


But moving back to a location not only inviting but hot and inviting, Seychelles is a group of 115 beautiful islands in the western Indian Ocean. Nearly half of the country’s accessible landmass is protected in the form of national parks and reserves, but that still leaves plenty of space for beach life-loving expats and a lot of cultural diversity.

All you need is a passport upon arrival at Seychelles. There is no requirement for a visa to move there. If you want to make it official after five years of residence, you will be eligible to apply for citizenship – as long as during that moment you have not experienced any legal problems. Cashed-up expats can cut to one year their waiting time for citizenship if they invest at least $1 million in USD.


Forget about what you heard about the news. Nicaragua is a lovely tropical site with individuals who are going to welcome you. Although its history contains some harsh things, Nicaragua presently has the smallest crime rate in any nation in Central America. It may be difficult to beat Nicaragua in not one, but two, pristine coastlines.

The bar for the pension program in Nicaragua is amazingly small, requiring revenue of only $600 a month. You don’t even need to be retired technically, as Nicaragua issues these visas to individuals of any era who are self-employed or own a tiny country hotel or restaurant.


If you’re searching for a high quality of life and a progressive political culture, Sweden is an excellent option. Being a female has been called one of the finest nations and has the most advanced opinions on gender equality. It also offers generous immigration policies, with a population of about 15% of refugees and immigrants.

Sweden isn’t the simplest nation on our list to just drop in for a long-term stay, because you’ll need a job offer to get a visa for work. The immigration method, however, is well automated online, and for networking, most individuals can spend a couple of months in the nation without a visa.


Cambodia is now one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies, though steeped in bloody history. It’s a nice option for individuals who want to alter their first-world values, as most customs are going to be very new. People in Cambodia, for instance, are not celebrating their birthdays, and many adults do not even understand how old they are. Fast food is not very common, and the motorcycle is the preferred way to travel.

You can obtain a long-term business visa to reside in Cambodia without having to be sponsored by a local company. This visa may be renewed permanently, but it does not give a Cambodian business the right to operate. In order to get a job there you will need to apply for a work permit, but you may discover that employers are lax in implementing that requirement.


As you can see, many nations around the globe are keeping their gates open to expats with minimal long-term stay demands. Whether you call your name on the beach, the mountains, or the icy tundra, a new life can be within reach.

And with the increase of telecommuting alternatives, you may not even need to find a new job to sustain yourself if your new nation has a secure internet connection. What do you expect? Stop dreaming and get started!