6 Awesome Portfolio Websites by Amazon Designers

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1. Christopher Michon

Christopher is an Art Director at Amazon in Seattle.

Case study screenshots: http://bestfolios.com/portfolio/christophermichon

2. Abbey Lee

Abbey Lee is a student at RIT and UX design intern at Amazon.

Case study screenshots: http://bestfolios.com/portfolio/abbeylee

3. Constance Wellman

Constance Wellman is a product designer at Dropbox and a former designer at Amazon.

Case study screenshots: http://bestfolios.com/portfolio/constancewellman

4. Yuan Gu

Yuan Gu is currently a UX Designer at Amazon and former Sr. Designer at MicroStrategy, Inc.

Case study screenshots: http://bestfolios.com/portfolio/yuangu

5. Kathleen Huang

Kathleen Huang is a former UX Design Intern at Amazon. Currently she is a product designer at Facebook.

Case study screenshot: http://bestfolios.com/portfolio/kathleenhuang

6. Samuel Hoang

Samuel is a former Sr. UX designer at Amazon.

Case study screenshots: http://bestfolios.com/portfolio/samuelhoang

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