P/S Improvement Guide: A Complete guide to improve your P/S to boost your PPC Business.

  1. Go to wDFP, Choose one of your A group campaign or Potential (High UV/High CTR) campaign, Where P/S is lower than 20. Now enter in medium Level of the campaign, click on Increase page-view. Now you can see Bounce rate/Exit Rate beside each page.
  2. Before you start,

a/ You have to categorize your Item/Celebrity and you have to find out the subcategory where your celebrity belongs. Such as if your celebrity/item is a movie star then you have to find out if he/she is an Action or Romantic or comedian artist. If your item/celebrity is a singer then what type of music he/she creates. Is it Rock/Pop/Country music etc. Basically you have to narrow down your category.

Ex 1: If your item name is Sean Connery, then we know he is a 60’s star and an Action hero. So when you will organize a list based on Sean Connery, instead of focusing on only 60’s celebrities, you have to focus on 60’s Action movie celebrities and celebrities who worked with Sean Connery or worked in James bond movies.

Ex 2: If you are working on a TV host listicle, your item name is Chris Cuomo who is presenting “Cuomo Prime Time” on CNN. So when you will work on it, instead of focusing on just Journalist or news presenters, focus on popular journalists from CNN and journalist who is presenting the similar type of popular individual news shows as like Chris Cuomo or someone who worked with Chris Cuomo in any particular TV show.  Yes I understood this and planning to optimize each item a day before it gets played so we can get the best outcome as per this instruction.

b/ Search the item name in Google/Yahoo and find out similar types of items that Google/Yahoo suggests. Among the suggestions, the items that are already available on the list put them in the 1st 20 of the list.

page per session improvement-vabackup2

  1. To increase P/S we need to reduce each page Bounce Rate and Exit rate. A good campaign 1st-page bounce rate should be below 25%, then 2nd page around 7% and the remaining pages should not be more than 3-4% and it should be decreasing order-wise. (Ex: 3rd pages Exit Rate should be lower/equal than 2nd page, 4th page’s Exit Rate should be lower/equal than the 3rd page…) (Note: This is for all languages)

page per session improvement-vabackup3

  1. If your listicle title does not have the Item name (celebrity) then include it. (We have multiple listicle Titles where you can only change the item name and use it for the particular list) note: we are creating a link for each item.
  2. Delete all the extra Spaces/New-line bellow or above Item Headline (Item title) and Page Break from your listicle.
  3. If you see any of the items that have more than 5% exit rate then move the Item after Item no. 25 unusual

  1. After organizing the Items, now check your list again, if you have any extra space, extra page break above or below in any item then remove them. Make sure the Headline of all items are selected as “Headline 1”
  2. If the campaign is getting traffic from MSN Medium that means the Item should be hidden under Item no. 19, for this reason, these campaigns P/S can be a little lower than other good campaigns. But still, we have to work on this and try to increase the P/S
  3. If you see any unusual bounce rate (Ex: 100% Bounce Rate)/Page Title: not set; that means it’s a Skynet technical issue. Check this data from Google Analytics, if it’s not correct then Turn it to your manager.
  4. Please check this campaign tomorrow, if you see your P/S increased to 30-40% then it’s a good sign but If you see it did not increase your P/S then please go over the whole procedure again make sure you followed all the instruction given above if you see you missed any part of this process then complete it. Or if you see still you are not getting good results then turn it to your Manager.





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