VaBackup promises to train you successfully. Here you can work in marketplaces like Odex, Freelancer, 99 Design, Fiber etc. You may have a question here about what I will do here. And why or why not give me a job here. In that case, I can tell you that if you learn graphic design here, you can do any work related to graphic design. And the answer to why it will give you a job is that if you know the job, you will decorate yourself or your ID in the marketplaces in a way that buyers may think you are a skilled designer.

What you can learn from this course:

1. Adobe Photoshop,

2. Adobe Illustrator,

3. Logo design,

4. Banner design,

5. Clipping path,

6. Multipath,

7 . Color correction,

8. Odex,

9. Freelancers,

10. 99 designs,

11. Bid system,

12. Payment system.

1st class

The basics of providing software and Photoshop will be discussed.

2nd class

Selection section and other basic tools.

3rd class

Detailed discussion about the adjustment section.

4th class

Ideas about the object creation section.

5th class

Detailed discussion of masking and blend options. Cheating Photoshop animation and hair masking.

7th class

Image Adjustment – Image, layer and color correction.

8th class

Print Item Design (International Standard)

9th class

Web Template Design (PSD)

10th class

Advanced Web Template Design (PSD)

11th class

Review Class 1

12th class

Practical Live Project Test.

13th class

Freelancing (online marketplace)

14th class

Basic ideas of Illustrator.

15th class

Use of print color and type tool.

16th class

Detailed ideas about path creation tools and stroke palette.

17th class

Details of type tools and other tools.

18th class

Ideas about pen tools and path finders.

19th class

Brush, Symbol, 3D, Appearance panel.

20th class

Logo design

21th classes

Print Item Live Project – 1

Print Item Live Project – 2

22th class

Print Item Live Project – 3

Print Item Live Project – 4

23th class

Print Item Live Project – 5 Print Item Live Project – 6

24th class

Freelancing (online marketplace)

How many days of course : We have been training in this course for 03 months. We will provide you with practical training so that you can prepare yourself to work in the marketplace at the end of the course. At the end of the course so that you do not have any kind of frustration in case you get the benefit of lifetime support. Book Your Seat HERE

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