We are all fairly familiar with search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are the search engines. Google is the most popular search engine. If you search for information here, it will show you which site has the best information. When you visit, you will get the information you want. This is how SEO brings your site to the top of Google. In other words, the way you bring your site to the first page on Google or any search engine, this is the work of SEO or search engine optimization. And if this is your site, do you understand what it will be like? Because you think one thing from yourself, if you search for a subject, which of the search results sites do you click on? In the first hour or in the next ones? Thus it is the same for all kinds of subjects. And for this reason people want to learn search engine optimization. If you know search engine optimization, you can save yourself from paying thousands of dollars per month for free visitors to search engines. Let’s make it a little clearer, like when you search for a topic on Google, the first thing you see is a paid ad show. If you search in this keyword, you have to pay Google to show this site first. In a word, if you want to earn income without any investment, you have to learn search engine optimization.

1th class

What is SEO and why? Discuss SEO strategy and career

2nd class

Branding and networking

3rd class

Keyword research ideas and tools

4th class

Advanced Keyword Research

5th class

On-page optimization Cheating Content optimization

7th class

Google Search Console

8th class

Web 2.0 and website

9th class

Skill Verification and Marketplace (Fivver)

10th class

WordPress setup

11th class

Live WordPress class

12th class

Off-page optimization

13th class

Article writing

14th class

Social bookmarking

15th class

Profile backlink building

16th class

Forum and answering community

17th class

Directory Submission and Link Wheel

18th class

Exam and overview

19th class

Google Analytics

20th classe

Competitor Analysis

21th class

Local SEO

2th class

Social media marketing

23th class

Facebook Boosting / Email Marketing

24th class

Online marketplace and source of income

How many days course : We have 03 months long training in this course. We will provide you with practical training so that you can prepare yourself to work in the marketplace at the end of the course. At the end of the course so that you do not have any kind of frustration, you will get the benefit of Lifetime Support. Book Your Seat HERE

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