One of the creative professions in this age of information technology is web development. Today, professional web designers are showcasing their creativity through hundreds of websites and various web designs in the web world. If you want to do something creative or love to do creative work then web designing will be the best job for you. Professional web designer is one of the most lucrative professions of the present time. The field of work of a professional web designer is very wide. Corporate organizations have the opportunity to work as a professional web designer as well as freelancing at home. So the demand for web designing or web design is increasing day by day. VaBackup teaches the work of web development with sincerity by skilled and professional trainers.

What you can learn from this course:

  1. HTML, HTML-5
  2. CSS, CSS-3
  3. JavaScript
  4. J-Query
  5. PSD to HTML . PHP . How to create a blog site with WordPress . How to create an online news portal with WordPress
  6. How to create a business site with WordPress
  7. How to create an online shopping / e-commerce site with WordPress.

1st class

Handcuffs of web design. How does a webpage work? What is HTML and why learn?

2nd class

How to write HTML tags. Working with tables and forms in HTML.

3rd class

Discuss new HTML5 elements and media tags.

4th class

What is CSS? Ideas about the syntax of CSS.

5th class

A detailed discussion of what a selector is and all selectors.

6th class

Cheating Ideas about display, flex, box model.

7th class

Creating menus with CSS. Working with fonts and icons.

8th class

Working with background, border, gradient, transition, shadow.

9th class

1 live project with HTML and CSS.

10th class

Basic ideas about bootstrap. Discuss grid and device screen size.

11th class

Working with Carousel-Slider, Tables, Forms, Image Responsive.

12th class

What is Photoshop? How to work with PSD files. Tips for converting PSD files to HTML

13 classes

Convert a blog PSD to HTML.

14th class

Secret tips to showcase corporate business templates and convert them from PSD to HTML.

15th class

What is Responsive Web Design? Ideas about Responsive Web Design.

16th class

How a client-side programming language works. Introduction to JavaScript.

17th class

How functions work in JavaScript. Making a web site better by using programming logic.

18th class

Talk about popular JavaScript libraries. Taking preliminary ideas about Jquery

19th class

Using different functions of the jQuery. Learn how to use external plugins

20th class

Understand how dynamic websites work. Ideas about PHP and MYSql.

21th class

Ideas about different types of CMS. Why use WordPress

22th class

Learn how to quickly build a website with WordPress themes and plugins.

23th class

Learn how to work on a live server. Making their own website live

24th class

Detailed discussion about freelancing.

Admission and training fees : Our upcoming batch will have classes 03 days a week. Total training fee including 3 months training and one month real life project: 500$

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